Xx Jay Days xX

Hey! I am Xx Jay Days xX, and I mostly play Halo 3 on Xbox. I am currently a Brigadier Grade 1. My current ranks are

Lonewolves – 41 Highest 44

Team Slayer – 33

Team Doubles – 35 Highest 38

Squad Battle – 24 highest 28

MLG – 13

Team SWAT – 47

Team Snipers – 35 Highest 36

Before I had Xx Jay Days xX I had my Xbox LIVE account dm1270 (My youtube account). I am 15 and I live in Iowa that’s about as much as you need to know. Submit some screenshots!

[][][] Need to contact me? Send an email to halothreescreenshots@yahoo.com I don’t check it that often as my website, but I do read it. [][][]



  1. How I Subimit a Sreenshot… YOur website is amazing!

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