Submit Screenshots

To submit your screenshot(s) use this guide below. Check back later your screenshots should be up! I check about 4 times everyday unless I am out of town.




  1. Gamertag
    Cal ere

    fileshare slot
    number 5

  2. Tigers 120

    Slot 5

  3. Sarcostoma – Slots 3 and 5.

  4. all 6 slots

  5. jk slot 1, 2, 5, 6.

  6. Get my on slot 5..
    -Name of ScreeShot: Amazing!
    Gametag: DoZeR is 5 sTaR

  7. slot 8

    gamertag-McMuFiNz Iz BIG

    name of screenshot- ”electric hell”

  8. and slots 5 and 7

    McMuFiNz Iz BIG

    5 ”trilogy”

    7 ”fire”

  9. Fileshare

    slot 2

    Jack =)

  10. MangerAN

    Slot 1-Shhhhhhhh*

    friend told me about the site

  11. slot 9

    McMuFiNz Iz BIG

    name ”cobra”

  12. Slot 4,5, and 6

  13. its my first screen shot in my file share and i found your site off of

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