Posted by: h3screenshots | July 30, 2009

My website

You may have noticed that I have changed up my website so I will tell you about some stuff.

1. We have my game of the day. It may not always be the best so don’t make fun. I like to have fun too.

2. We have the Halo 3 Map Call-Outs. It’s every map, and well I made it. They are in ABC order, but when the rest of the mythic maps come out they will be at the bottom.

3. We still have Screenshots. Check em’ out.

4. You can still submit your screenshots. Or somebody elses.

5. I made a page of random Halo 3 Videos. You can submit yours or somebody elses.

6. I have made a page about me. Check it out if you’re interested.

7. Finally I have a page for you. You can submi stories about your gameing experience on Halo 3. Custom’s, Campaign, or Matchmaking.

Feel free to explore!

Also if you want to get to the home page of my website you can either click the title at the top or just change the web address to Someday I am hoping to buy the domain so that it is


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